Painful Mistakes for Your Lower Back Pain

Are you making these painful mistakes with your back pain?

Painful mistake #1: Putting heat on a newly injured throbbing back.

Painful mistake #2: Taking lots of pain pills and hoping that it would go away.

Painful mistake #3: Becoming completely immobile, in bed (or on a couch) and just waiting for the pain to go away.

Painful mistake #4: Toughing it out, working out, or increasing physical activity to make it go away.

Painful mistake #5: Not consulting a chiropractor in order to correct the cause of the problem.

These are indeed very painful mistakes that put you at risk of having spinal trouble reoccurring for a long time. Spinal trouble that is not corrected at its root may lead to taking medications with dangerous side effects, or ultimately, needing surgery. More importantly, each time there is back surgery, there is a small but potential risk of infection and/or death.

Specific chiropractic care helps reduce back pain in a timely fashion with no risk of side effects.

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