NUCCA adjustments are the most ideal for our senior patients

Eliminating pain with gentle adjustments

Every human has a 100% potential. The way to achieve that potential is through correct communication betweent the brain and body. Meaning that the transmission of the nerves from the brain through the spinal column to all the organs of the body should be unimpeded. As we grow older and the longer we deal with gravity there is an increased chance of nervous system pressure from the spinal column especially if there has been injuries to the spine that have not been corrected.

Therefore chiropractic care, especially a softer technique such as NUCCA, is absolutely essential for seniors. Every patient's need is different depending on the number of injuries they have sustained to their spinal frame and also the conditions that have developed as a result of those injuries. Symptoms that were mild or non-existent can suddenly or slowly become severe following a small fall or a strenous lift.

A regimen of correctly scheduled maintenance care has helped our senior patients maintain good movement and less reliablity on canes or walkers.

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