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NUCCA – A Gentle Correction

At Balance Chiropractic Center we use a controlled, light contact on the first upper neck vertebra of the spine to help align and restore balance to the spine.


Focused Care for Athletes to Seniors

Dr. Hutan has a strong background in martial arts and also takes care of athletes of different sports and backgrounds.


Non-surgical Relief for Back Pain

NUCCA Chiropractic Treatment adjusts the spine in a gentle, non-invasive approach and can be a great choice to relieve back pain by encouraging you body’s natural ability to heal.


A Balanced Approach to Pain Treatment

A healthy approach for pain relief is the signature of NUCCA Chiropractic care. NUCCA Chiropractic treatment is ideal for a wide range of conditions because of the precise, gentle touch technique.


How We Work With You

A Note from the Doctor

Welcome to Balance Chiropractic Center, where we take a very non-invasive approach to assisting your body to reduce and in most cases eliminate pain and allow healing. I’m Dr. Hutan Ghojallu, director of Balance Chiropractic Center.


A What to Expect

We will review your images, discuss a treatment plan and schedule mutually agreed upon sessions for treatment. You will receive adjustments in a modern, healing environment.


Testimonials from Happy Patients

Dr. Hutan’s patients talk about their experiences at Balance Chiropractic. Read how NUCCA Chiropractic adjustments have helped alleviate pain from headaches, back pain, fibromyalgia, sciatic nerve problems, arthritis and more.


The Balance Chiropractic Commitment to You

Balance Chiropractic is committed to providing maximum pain relief through gentle corrections. We treat your specific condition with natural health care in a modern, healing environment. Our style of adjusting at Balance Chiropractic Center is low force. You won't hear any "cracks" or "pops" in your neck when we are working with you. We want to make your entire experience comfortable, pleasant, and totally natural.