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What Happens When Your Spine Doesn’t Line Up

The technique we use at our clinic (NUCCA or Grostic) can lower blood pressure. A recent University of Chicago Medical Center, study showed that high blood pressure in patients with a misaligned Atlas vertebra (first vertebra under the skull) decreased their blood pressure significantly. The authors of the study say the improvement of in blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic readings) following the correction of Atlas misalignment is similar to that seen by giving patients two different blood pressure lowering drugs simultaneously.

One of our doctors will first consult the patient and measure the blood pressure during the initial exam. He will then analyze the Atlas subluxation if present with the help of upper neck X-rays (specific to this type of technique) and after the report is given to the patient the next step is the specific adjustment.

The results are at times immediate but they could also take months. As long as the patient holds the adjustment, the blood pressure problem could be a thing of the past. However if the cause of the high blood pressure is not the atlas subluxation, the blood pressure may not lower from the atlas correction. Although many other benefits may be gained from this adjustment even if blood pressure is not lowered.

Call us to schedule your blood pressure reading with our doctors at Balance Chiropractic and see if your misaligned vertebra is the cause of your high blood pressure!