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Hear what our patients have to say about working with us here at Balance Chiropractic!

“Dr. Hutan’s work is magical. Every time my husband and I have back pain we come to Dr. Hutan for an adjustment. He helps us and the pain goes away. The friends we have also recommended to Dr. Hutan are also very thankful to him. Thank you Dr. Hutan and Patricia.”

– Luda Moznaim, Milwaukee


“I was with Dr. Hutan for approximately 45 minutes on my first exam and never in my life have I felt so comfortable with a chiropractor in my life. He asked me so many questions about my history and got lots of details about the pains I was having throughout my back. He took some x-rays and from then on he has been treating me. It has been approximately 10 weeks now. My pain has decreased greatly and I’m beginning to hold my adjustments. He has a very unique technique in treating his patients that I have never seen. Most chiropractors will crack your neck and back and it was that kind of chiropractic that my body really couldn’t handle. Dr. Hutan has seen me in his office at least 20 times already and not once has he ever cracked my neck or back. He had a very gentle approach, which is what I need. I am so happy I was introduced to Dr. Hutan. I have been referring him to everyone around me because I know he can help so many others as well.”

– Jenny Franzen, Mequon


“The sciatica and general lower back pain has decreased markedly since I’ve been visiting Dr. Hutan. I look forward to future visits to help improve my posture.”

– Leone McGuire, Mequon


“I had a lot of pain in my lower back where pain would go down my leg. Now, with the help of Dr. Hutan, I am able to take trips and go on with my house work and yard work.”

– Doris Buege, Oshkosh


“Since coming to Dr. Hutan’s office after my injury, I cannot believe the strides to recovery my body has made because of his intervention. His knowledge and skill in all entities of chiropractic has enabled me to turn back the clock to physical fruition. I cannot thank him enough for his guidance and his monitoring in enabling me to get back to a stage of health that has eluded me for ten years or more. He has set the bar very high to find someone of his caliber when I move to the East Coast. I will treasure what he has done for me.”

– Michael Kowalski, Oshkosh


“Before I had chiropractic care, all I could do was to walk, only because of pain. After chiropractic care I have very little pain, if any, and can even run a little.”

– Tom G.


“After my first visit with Dr. Hutan I could feel the difference. Now my posture is improved , I’m pain free and I’m working out and playing sports like I was never injured.”

– Chris Y., Madison


“When I came to Dr. Hutan I had pain in my hip and lower leg from my sciatic nerve problem. I was limping and had problems going up and down the stairs. I had problems sleeping in bed. I couldn’t sleep on my left side or on my back. I was having problems just walking from one room to another. After just a few treatments I had no more pain and no more problems walking or sleeping. I feel a lot better overall.”

– Walter Ludwig


“My condition before I came to Dr. Hutan was very painful, with severe headaches, neck and back pain. I also had severe numbness in my left arm and left leg. My pain level was a ten until after about three treatments from Dr. Hutan. Now, after continued treatment I feel better than I’ve felt in three years. Thanks to everyone!”

– Wes Wojahn, Oshkosh


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Hutan since December of 2003… for headaches, fibromyalgia, osteo-arthritis and chronic pain. After seeing Dr. Hutan for several months my headaches were gone and my chronic pain and muscle spasms were minimized. I had to stop seeing the doctor in April 2004, due to other illness, and my headaches returned and the pain got worse. So, now that I’ve recovered I will be seeing Dr. Hutan again on a regular basis.”

– Charlene C., Milwaukee


“I have been to several other chiropractors and had not ever achieved long-term relief, until seeing Dr. Hutan. His use of x-rays and muscle testing gives you a sense that his treatment is not guided by guessing. Thanks, Dr. Hutan!”

– Chris M., Milwaukee


“For seventeen years I have been suffering with severe pain and weakness throughout my body. As I have been getting older the pain has been getting worse. Two specialists told me that I had rheumatoid arthritis and then I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. There used to be several days that I was so weak that I could not move at all. I have also had constant ringing in my ears.

My headaches make my vision worse. No medicine has helped me and it seems like physical therapy has also aggravated it. I had given up completely and had often thought of suicide…

When I started receiving information from Balance Chiropractic Center, I ignored it about three times and I finally decided to give the program here a try. My first visit was unbelievable. At first I thought this can’t be. There was a big difference in my lower back pain, I don’t swell as much and each visit thereafter has been a success. I’m able to cope with the fibromyalgia a little better.

God has blessed you with a gift of touch to help treat and care for people. Your relationships with your patients are so real. When I come to the office, I am so comfortable. The waiting itself provides such a warm comfortable setting. Your receptionists are the best! I hope the heavenly father and his son continue to bless you. You really deserve it and a whole lot more. Best wishes to you and your wife.”

– Andrea B


“I came in with a sore neck from sleeping wrong and found out that I had bigger problems. Thanks to Dr. Hutan everything is straightened out. I love it! I have been in a wheelchair for eight years (because of my knees). Well, Dr. Hutan has me walking without pain; I’m sleeping better too! I don’t understand, but I’m so happy. I feel that I got more than I bargained for.”

– Veronica N


“Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Hutan my overall health has been improved greatly. One added benefit and unexpected one, was when I complained of chronic pain in my left foot that I twisted over 15 years ago. Dr. Hutan adjusted it and now I feel great!”

– Bunnita G.


“Every time I took a walk my left knee and hip would hurt. I thought I was developing arthritis. After being adjusted by Dr. Hutan I’m pain free. Walking is so much easier. This has made a big difference to me since walking is my main form of exercise and its helped me to tone up and lose weight. Also my posture has improved. I actually have shoulders. I never had good shoulders. I really enjoy my visits with Dr. Hutan. His combined knowledge of Chiropractics and nutrition is a tremendous benefit to all his patients. And he really cares!”

– Kathy J.


“Six years ago I suffered a severe injury from a car accident that ended my baseball career. I woke every morning with pain in my arm and a progressing loss of motion. I had consulted a couple of doctors and all exams led to surgery (which I did not want). After meeting Dr. Hutan I now wake pain free and have gained a large range of motion. I no longer have pain lifting or playing sports. I also plan to continue my baseball career and workouts with the Padres organization.”

– Adam W.


“I started seeing Dr. Ghojallu a couple of months ago as a result of a Rotator cuff injury brought about by lifting weights.

Thanks to the treatments and exercise regimens given by Dr. Ghojallu I am now back to a regular workout schedule and a noticeable increase in strength. More importantly, I can do these workouts with little or no pain.

For those with injuries similar to mine I would highly recommend Dr, Ghojallu’s chiropractic treatment.”

– Edward M.