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Meet Our Office Staff


LindseyHello!  My name is Lindsey. I am Dr. Ghojallu’s Chiropractic Assistant specializing in financial and insurance matters as they pertain to our patients at Balance Chiropractic Center. I hope to help educate patients on their body’s capability to heal itself through chiropractic adjustments. My goal is to help patients in any way I can so that they can achieve optimal health through our care. Whether it be answering a billing or insurance question, scheduling an appointment, or providing information regarding the health of their spine, I am happy to help patients wherever needed.

During my own journey for health and wellness, I became aware of the miracle of chiropractic care and I have been reaping the benefits ever since! Throughout my time here, I have been amazed at the results I have not only witnessed in others but personally achieved through the gentle procedure of NUCCA. I am proud to work with a team that so strongly advocates the overall well being of its community! I look forward to seeing you at your next visit to Balance Chiropractic Center.


SarahHello! My name is Sarah Lane and I am the front desk Chiropractic Assistant at Balance Chiropractic Center. I am a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee studying Environmental Engineering.  In wanting to become an Environmental Engineer, I want to create better natural ways to improve our environment, without harming our Earth.  And, just like my career, I want to improve my own health with natural care. In my free time I really enjoy being outdoors, listening to music, and watching my favorite Netflix shows.
Before being hired I was completely new to NUCCA and Chiropractic Care in general. I was aware of its natural healing abilities but not much beyond that. Thanks to Dr. Hutan, he welcomed me with open arms and changed my thoughts about this natural form of health care forever. From teaching me the countless benefits that come along with Chiropractic Care to being involved in such a caring and friendly environment, I am very pleased to be involved with this team. The most rewarding part about my job is not only working with such a humble doctor, but seeing myself and our exceptionally nice patients improve with my own eyes through a natural way. Working for Dr. Hutan is truly an amazing experience and I can thank him for permanently changing my thoughts on how I will take better care of my body in the future.